2060 Colts Trade Block

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2060 Colts Trade Block

Post by AbuZez » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:14 pm

We are trying to build around a new core of players, and have some valuable veterans who should be better than most of the free agency options.

WR Duane Uveges - 2nd-best rated WR in the league by our scouts
I think he's better as a split end than flanker, but he can do it all
I think we'd move him for a top-40 draft pick, or equivalent value

LB Austin Page - 5th-best rated ILB in the game by our good scouts
10th year guy, on a big but reasonable salary
For a 2nd round pick in any draft, he's yours

DE Erick Browning - 85 PR technique, could be a great DE2/DE3
on a cheap contract for two more seasons, huge value
available for a 3rd round pick in any draft

..and a couple of younger players:

RB Chad Barton - big breakaway guy, posted 5.8 ypc last season
4th year guy, in his prime years
looking for a 2nd round pick for him, from any draft

CB Riley Stargell - developing into a top-tier young CB
3rd year guy, you'd get two more very cheap seasons
I'm happy to keep/play him, so I'd want a strong offer for him

. . .

I'm still fairly new to this team, and am open to dealing plenty of guys from this roster, especially those who have been aboard more than one season. (Guys I added last year are here for a reason, in other words)

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